Paradigm Drift Bedford | Bedford Creative Arts Mini-Commission | September 30th – October 6th 2013

Paradigm Drift Still

This autumn I subverted our daily routine with a dreamlike film of a sea view ordinarily unobtainable in Bedford. At first glance the film seems like a still image, but over time the peaceful, idyllic scene that it depicts starts to go in and out of focus. There was a lighthouse with a light shining off and on whilst I was filming, which I allowed to disrupt the focus of the camera, this added to the dreamlike quality of the image.

The film popped up at various locations in Bedford town centre for a week in October, where there was also the chance to make and keep your own pocket sized sea view – a flip book version of the film.
Below is a film of the film in the various locations it was shown in.

Paradigm Drift, Jan Uprichard


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