Bio./ C.V.

After a six year sojourn in Bedford, England I have now returned to Belfast and am currently a PhD researcher at Ulster University.

My art practice is sometimes dialogical and site specific, involving differing levels of participation and collaboration. I often work with smell as a device to re-programme how we perceive our surroundings and the systems they are built on.

Emancipation has been an underlying force in much of my work. Using moments of interaction to escape into different memories / places. The work oscillates between participatory events and obsessive research using archives, walking, food, film, sound, smell, bookmaking, interventions or combinations of all the above.

For me, research and the processes by which I gather information are as much a part of my work as any end result.

I also work as part of artist collective Sociable NonScience and as a freelance Curator/Producer.




2010 MA Art in Public (final semester at Bauhaus university, Weimar), University of Ulster

2003 BA HON.s Fine and Applied Arts, University of Ulster


2019 Grounding, Instigator of a week-long alternative art school/residency with Bernardine Carroll and Caelan Bristow, DeWett House, Cloughjordan

2019 Vibrant Matter, Group show, St Josephs Church Sailortown, Household Belfast & NI Science Festival, Belfast

2018 Sometimes My Smile Is A Grimace, limited edition print & badges, published by Made With Maud, Rotterdam

2018 Clubhouse Cookbook, Clubhouse, Bedford Creative Arts, Queen’s Park, Bedford

2018 Tea Alchemy, with Unilever Tea Blender Ryan Clifford, Bedford Creative Arts, Bedford

2017  Victoria Botany Stroll, with botanist Manos Bazanis, Victoria Square Project, Athens

2017 Grounding, Instigator of a week long alternative art school with Bernardine Carroll and Paul Bailey, Limerick

2016 I Left My Senses in I.Drosopoulou, 2 month residency and solo show, Snehta, Athens

2016 The Time Machine by H.G.Wells Abridged, Group show, Cathedral Studios, Belfast

2016 Prisoner’s Cinema, PS Squared, Belfast

2016 Metonymic Time Machine – An Archive of the Invention, NNContemporary Project Space, Northampton

2014/15 Eastern Approaches, Group show, Museum of St Albans

2013/14 August Strindberg Abridged, Signal to Noise*, Gallery Niklas Belenius, Group show curated by Stefanie Hessler, Stockholm

2013  Paradigm Drift, Bedford Creative Arts Mini Commission, various locations in Bedford

2012/13 Odourific Odyssey, Abridged 0-28 Once A Railroad

2012  ExperiMENTAL, Catalyst Arts Members Show, Belfast

2012 /13 (Touring) Paper Jam #2, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich | Le Commissariat at Treize, Paris | marke.6 – gallery of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar| Ygrec, Paris | Messy Shop, Bangkok | Piano Nobile, Geneva

2011 Metonymic Time Machine – Protoype #1, Fix 11 Live Art Festival, Catalyst Arts, Phone box on corner of Queen Street, Belfast

2011 Howser’s Law, PS Squared, Belfast

2011 “We’ll Build a House (we’re good at that),  working as part of Sociable Science artist collective, Werkatelier Galerie, Den Helder

2011 Just Keep Shopping (everythingwillbeokay), working as part of Sociable Science artist collective, Jenseits des Wachstums?! Beyond Growth Congress, Technische Universitat, Berlin

2010 Just Keep Shopping (everythingwillbeokay), working as part of Sociable Science artist collective, Art Trail 2010, Basement Project Space, Cork City

2010 Parfum Maison de Beton, Beton Salon, Paris

2010 Was ist die Geschichte  von diesem Ort?/What is the history of this   place?, Pergamentergasse 3, Erfurt 

2010 Scent of A Layman, Re:Public, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin

2010 S.R.I.L. (Smell Reminiscence & Inquiry Lab) – Smell Association Denominator, North St./Bridge St., Belfast

2009 S.R.I.L. at Palm House Botanic Gardens & Bookfinders Café  ongoing process based project, Belfast

2009 S.R.I.L. / European Smellscape, Den Helder

2009 Buzzbrook, Sound installation, Bessbrook

2009 What Does Your Granny Smell Like?, public intervention, Linenhall Library café, Belfast

2009 Save an endangered smell, Miss Moran’s tobacco shop, Belfast

2008 Smell Revival Project, public intervention, Ormeau Road, Belfast

2008 Studio C group show, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast

2007 Group show of young Irish artists, Werkatelier, Den Helder

2006/7 25/25 touring exhibition and Publication of Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast

2006 ‘Visual Connections’, The National Gallery of Bulgaria, Sofia

2005 ‘New Contemporaries’ NIVAF – Art Tank Gallery, Belfast

2005 Double Summer Exhibition, Galerie Windkracht 13 & Gebouw 62 Rijkswerf, Den Helder

2004 Cathedral 6 group show, Ulster hospital, The Castlereagh Visual Arts Festival



2016/17 Arts Council Northern Ireland SIAP funding for self arranged residency in Athens

2015/16 Arts Council England Grants for the Arts for Research & Development of Metonymic Time Machine

2011/12 Arts Council Northern Ireland SIAP funding for Odourific Odyssey

2011 British Council  sponsorship for Sociable Science ‘Just Keep Shopping (everythingwillbeokay)’ to take part in Jenseits des Wachstums Congress, Berlin

2010 Garfield Weston Trust, research grant

2006 British Council youth funding for Art Tourist, open studios event, Belfast                                                                                                                                                                     


2011 Entrophy: Garbage and Art, Bauhaus University Weimar

2010 Swimming Backwards, MFA Program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus University Weimar

2010 Art and urban city space – art and commemoration, Stadtkunst Kunststadt Nr. 57, Publisher: Office for Public Art Berlin

2006 25/25, celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast




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