I Left My Senses…

18th-26th November 2016
Ambling, Testing, Smelling, Mapping, Listening, Talking, Distilling, Rambling, Viewing, Reading, Understanding.

I arrived in Kypseli, Athens at the beginning of October for a residency with Snehta and began conducting sensory walks around the neighbourhood and meeting with locals; human, animal and botanical. I came with the aim of understanding Kypseli from as many different perspectives as possible. What makes a place a place? What gives it its atmosphere? Is it the smell, the sound, the colour or light? What influences these elements within the place?

For 2 weeks at the end of November I opened up my workspace and practice to the public in the form of a lab in Snehta’s gallery space. People were able to experience my work to date and get involved in ongoing activities in the lab including:

  • going on a  sound walk in collaboration with the Acoustic Ecology Seminar by  Akoo-o at TwixtLab
  • a film of Kypseli from a dog’s eye view
  • a meditative film installation with footage I took locally
  • adding their own thoughts about the key smells, sounds and sights of Kypseli to my archive of research
  • meeting the Snehta chemist, Filoktitis Veinoglou, who was in residence each Saturday, distilling essential oils from the trees and plants which give Kypseli some of its smells.  He also gave a talk about the various distillation processes he used and how smells move through the air.

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