Victoria Botany Stroll with me and botanist Manos Bazanis, Athens, December 2017.

Hosted by Victoria Square Project in Athens I invited botanist Manos Bazanis to lead a walk with me around the Victoria area of Athens to find out the answers to questions like;

  • Are those oranges edible?
  • Which tree has that smell?
  • What is the name of that plant everyone has on their balcony?
  • What is that tree with the strange looking seed pods?
  • Do any of the trees or plants in the city have medicinal qualities, or should we just be happy that they clean up the air we breathe?
  • Are the trees and plants that grow here native to Greece?
  • What would happen to all the vegetation if the council stopped caring for it?
  • Do trees in the city look after each other in the same way that trees in a forest do?

We were also joined by Catriona Gallagher, part of the team behind the Athina Garden City project.

The walk started and ended at Victoria Square Project Space on a sunny and crisp Sunday afternoon. After the walk I shared some experimental cookery and balms made with the addition of some Athenian fruit, flowers and herbs back at Victoria Square Project. We then picked Manos brains with a million questions.

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